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Environmental Awareness

Carey Environmental Impact

Carey England Limited Environmental Statement

In the pursuit of our mission to provide world-class chauffeur driven services, Carey England Limited recognises that in our day-to-day operations we inevitably impact the environment in a number of ways. As a consequence, the management are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and prevention of pollution wherever possible.

Environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice will be regarded as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance.

Employee involvement in environmental matters is encouraged at all levels and is promoted through training, communications and a constant reappraisal of working methods and techniques.

In particular Carey is involved in the following initiatives:

Chauffeur Training

As part of Carey's industry-leading chauffeur-training and certification program, Carey instructs its chauffeurs on the latest and most efficient driving techniques. These are designed to make the most of the energy used by the vehicle, reduces fuel consumption. Controlled studies conducted by Carey's in-house training team have shown that fuel and emission savings of over 10% are achieved through these techniques.

Vehicle Acquisition

We carefully select our vehicles, ensuring not only that they are luxurious and safe, but also that the engines and fuel variants selected provide the most efficient and clean solution. The difference between the most and least efficient variant can be more than 30%. Our latest Mercedes E-Class vehicles offer outstanding comfort, class-leading safety and CO2 emissions of just 129g/km

Reduce our Carbon Footprint to Net Zero

In partnership with The Carbon Neutral Company, we offset 100% of our UK vehicle-related carbon emissions by investing in carefully selected green projects that make a real difference. Because Carey is a global company, we look at make a difference in diverse regions aroundthe world.

For 2012 and 2013, Carey has committed investment in a number of green initiatives, including our primary investment: in a portfolio of projects called ' Vehicles for Change'. Amongst other projects, this iniative supports a local business in Bosnia that converts used cooking oils into diesel fuel, which in turn powers the municipal bus service. We chose this project because it provides the dual benefits of reducing CO2 emissions, and recycling waste products whilst supporting a passenger transportation service.

In addition to Vehicles for Change, Carey has also invested in projects based in China which include methane capture from coal mining and a small-scale 'run of river' hydro electric project.

Carey also works closely with the team at The Carbon Neutral Company to identify new methods to reduce our actual emissions.

Providing complimentary One Water in our Vehicles

'One' donates all of it's profits to the building of roundabout powered 'Playpumps' in African villages which have no easy access to clean drinking water. The sale of One Water generates the revenue for this scheme. Carey supports One Water by purchasing significant quantities of product, which we provide to our clients when they travel in a Carey vehicle in London. Carey has so far funded two play pumps, and is close to funding a third.

Use of 'Ecotricity' at our UK Headquarters

Ecotricity generates 30% of its electricity via renewable sources, primarily wind power. It then reinvests it's profits into research and development into new sources of renewable energy.


Our major focus related to use of materials in our offices, is to reduce the use of paper, plastic and other disposable materials. Working with 'Greener World' we recycle all possible waste, thus minimising the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.


Carey will be exhibiting at the Business Travel Show this year on 22nd and 23rd February. Come and visit us at stand GTMC9. If you haven't registered yet, why not do it for free using code DIG17. We look forward to seeing you.

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