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The Carey Alliance Partner Network

The Carey Alliance Partner Network

The Carey Alliance Partner Network features fully vetted, independent companies that specialize in providing chauffeured transportation service in certain cities without a Carey branded franchise.

Every prospective Alliance Partner undergoes a thorough pre-engagement evaluation, including but not limited to, frequent inspections and audits to ensure it’s operating up to stringent Carey standards before any reservation is referred to that provider.

Carey Alliance Partners must meet or exceed Carey’s standards for:

  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle safety & maintenance
  • Chauffeur screening & background checks
  • Chauffeur training & licensure
  • Real-time communications & GPS tracking
  • Customer service & professionalism

All Alliance Partners must provide the best available transportation in a given city. For example, our Alliance Partner in Sweden offers the Volvo S80 in the Executive Sedan category, the marquis choice of transportation in that particular country.

Once an Alliance Partner is cleared to accept reservations, it must serve an extended probationary period, which is set according to Alliance Partner and city of service, including limited rights to use the Carey Alliance Partner Network® designation and logo. Additionally, Carey’s comprehensive liability insurance extends to cover all Alliance Partner reservations booked through Carey International Reservation Channels.

The Carey Alliance Partner Network® trademark ensures consistent standards for safety, security and professionalism